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Is there a risk of unwanted cell proliferation?

Astragalus extracts have been used for over a thousand years and are available in every vitamin shop.

TA-65® achieves activation of the enzyme telomerase, which has an effect on the telomeres at each tip of each chromosome in each cell of the body.
Telomeres are the cellular clock of aging; each time a cell divides, the telomere becomes shorter.
If the telomeres are too short, the cells can no longer divide and they become old cells.
Maintaining the health and length of telomeres allows the cells to continue to divide and multiply f
or a longer time, they simply live and function longer.
If cells live longer, there may be concerns that they could multiply too much.

Theoretically, TA-65® could stimulate unwanted growth and cell proliferation, but to date, there are no indications that the activation of telomerase causes mutated or diseased cells to show unnatural growth. 
The goal of TA-65® is to keep healthy cells as long as possible alive and functioning.
There are furthermore indications that TA-65® supports and strengthens the immune system and suppresses unwanted cell proliferation.
TA-65® specifically promotes health and longevity by increasing the length of telomeres.
When telomerase is activated, the "need of the cell" to shorten telomeres is reduced.

In summary, the positive effects of telomerase activation and the lengthening of telomeres far outweights potential unwanted cell proliferation.
At T.A. Sciences, almost all employees are currently taking TA-65® in order to improve overall health and  benefit from the maintenance of healthy cell tissue.  A physician or professional health coach with knowledge of telomere biology is in the best position to assess whether TA-65® is right for you.

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