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I've heard you can get cancer from telomerase activators. What about TA-65?

In fact, there is no reported case of cancer in connection with a telomerase activator.
This misconception is due to the fact that 85% of human cancers have a massive development of telomerase.
However, it is very well known that telomerase itself does not cause cancer.
There are many steps and factors that cause a cell to become malignant before the level of telomerase increases.

TA-65® was tested in human cells in laboratories and in humans. It was tested against cancer cells, precancerous cells, cancer-prone mice, etc. The results were always the same. TA-65® is absolutely safe and there was no increase in cancer in any of these trials. It is suggested that cancer is a disease of short telomeres. TA-65® can ultimately reduce the risk of cancer development since it prolongs telomeres, but this has not yet been tested.

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