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Home Lice Service

Home Lice Service

Contact My Hair helpers for professional home lice service including head checks and lice removal. We offer affordable services that guarantee same day return to school as well as our guarantee of lice free forever. If you’re worried about the stigma of being seen in public with a lice specialist, we offer two excellent options for home lice service: our home lice removal and our do-it-yourself products.

The Benefits of Home Lice Service

We understand the difficulties surrounding a lice infestation- you can request at-home lice removal that guarantees the same guaranteed results as our in-salon service. Our professionals are fully trained to remove lice and offer education on how to remain lice free for life. Following treatment, we’ll make sure you have all the information and access to products necessary to ensure your family and home remain lice free forever- that’s not just our promise to you, it’s our 100% guarantee. Call us for an in-home treatment that includes:

  • Complete head check for lice
  • Lice Comb
  • One full lice removal treatment
  • Education on how to avoid future infestations
  • Our 90-day lice free guarantee
  • My Hair Helpers Lifetime Protection

Serving the Greater LS County

With eight convenient locations to serve LA County, CA, My Hair Helpers is never further than a short drive when you need a salon appointment for a lice check. If you prefer, we can come to your home and offer the same exceptional quality services we offer in all of our studio locations. Explore all of our website’s resources to learn about the lice lifecycle, how to avoid getting lice from others, and additional information on our company and exclusive services. Choose us over the competition for the following benefits:

  • Our MHH Lice Free Guarantee
  • MHH Lifetime protection
  • More than a decade of happy, satisfied clients
  • 300+ 5-star reviews
  • Affordable pricing
  • No hourly fees
  • Strand-by-strand lice removal
  • Proprietary all-natural product line

Do-it-yourself online videos

Home lice service 365 days a year, evenings included

Lice Free Forever Charity for customers who can’t afford treatment

If You Suspect Lice

Timely treatment is necessary to deal with lice quickly before they begin to lay eggs and multiply. Unfortunately, itching is not always present- if you or your children have been around anyone who has recently been treated for lice, a head check is a ‘must’. Inform friends and family when lice are present to avoid the possibility that the lice will be passed around- in many cases, lice will end up right back where they originally started.

OTC Products Are Not As Effective

Avoid the disappointment that typically comes from over-the-counter lice products and call My hair Helpers for home lice service that is guaranteed. There's no shame in getting lice- they do not seek out dirty homes or any particular type of host. As equal-opportunity bugs, lice will take the opportunity to jump onto any warm head to lay their eggs. Call us for guaranteed lice removal at a reasonable cost.

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