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Telomere Extension

Ways To Enhance Telomeres Extension

Scientists have made many efforts to explore the anti-ageing secrets of telomeres. This has resulted to major breakthrough knowledge on how human can live longer and stay healthy.

Telomeres are minute segments that exist in the DNA which shields the extremes of the chromosome from fusion or deterioration with other neighboring chromosomes. Replicative senescence (process of ageing) in human cells is caused by the shortening of the telomere. The shortening of the telomeres also results to many ageing related illnesses and diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Basically, the shorter the telomeres, the shorter life become. Many cells enter cellular senescence and organs deteriorate.

While the roles that telomerase-activating compounds and genetic engineering will play is left for time to decide. Telomeres can be protected or lengthen. There are certain activities that cause telomeres extension some of them are as follows:

Reduce the Tension

Research has shown that compared with women that are not under stress, women under a lot of tension have shorter telomeres which is equal to 10 extra years of ageing. Further studies have indicated that as burnout gets higher and job-related stress increases, there is a progressive shortening of the telomeres. Yet another study indicates that Women who were retired or worked part term had longer telomeres. Being relaxed has shown to help; meditation and calming yoga also boosts telomerase functions by up to 43%.

Have your Weight in Mind Always

The length of telomeres in relation to weight appears to be complicated. Longer telomeres have long been associated with people that have higher body mass index. Some factors such as age may play significant roles. Chronic inflammation is caused by obesity which enhances oxidative damage and telomeres are reactive to that. Oxidation is a process in which chemical reactions are caused by the presence of oxygen which may destroy the tissues or cells. The longer a human remain overweight, the more the damage happens. A study indicated that obesity quickens the process of ageing.

Eat Antioxidant-rich Diets

Oxidation damage which affects telomeres can be strained by antioxidants such as vitamin E and C. In a recent study, longer telomeres were found to be dominant in women who have these nutrients in their daily diets to about 5% difference. Also, due to the anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin D, getting enough of it enhances telomeres extension. Even though, taking multivitamins might seem helpful, recent studies have shown that it supplements are related with higher risk of dying. There are foods that contain these nutrients in them, consuming such foods is healthier.

Eat Whole Grains Meals

According to research, longer telomeres in women were linked to higher consumption of fiber-rich foods such as cereals. This is partly because folic acid which is present in products such as cereals, breads and other grain foods is believed to shield the DNA including the telomeres.

Adopt Healthy Habits

Adopting many healthy habits can enhance telomeres extension. In one study, the activity of telomeres in men with prostate cancer was increased from 29 to 84% through eating grains, low fat diet, meditation, consumed vitamins E and C, walking 30 minutes daily, 6 days in a week and taking supplements of fish oils. Meditation and exercise are free, unlike therapies such as telomerase activators.

Telomere Extension

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